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Through Being Cool

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Ahh.. the good old days when HIpsters stuck to Pabst.

  Recalling the title of a Saves the Day album, that’s it, I am through being cool.  I am declaring in writing through the pseudo permanence of the Internet that I am done.  Please let me explain.   As I spend more time on my settlement visa in the UK, I continue to watch the rise of better …

Sorry Firestone Walker and Matt, We F*cked Up

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Just a few weeks ago, Firestone Walker Brewing Co. unveiled their new Barrelworks facility in Buellton, California.  This site be home to all of the barrels for strong ales and the more recent sour beers of Firestone.  The brewery has been working with barrels since 2006, stuffing barrels in nooks and crannies and putting barrels …

Sierra Nevada Dinner at The White Horse on Parsons Green

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Few venues possess the beauty of a modern menu contrasted against the traditional elegance of an English pub such as The White Horse on Parsons Green.   Just a stone’s throw from the tube station, one may be deceived by the appearance of this gastropub and it’s classy clientele.  Truth be told, The White Horse has …

Uinta Brewing Co. Part 3

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uinta front

Alright mates!  So after going through terrible service from Apple dealing with my 2011 MacBook Pro, we finally have part 3 of our interview with Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Co. in Salt Lake City, UT.    All I can say is buy the damn Applecare and back your machine up regularly. Hopefully it was worth the …

Mikkeller Black, Dessert in a Glass

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If you have not yet had the chance to try any beer from Mikkeller, then I strongly suggest you run to your nearest craft beer locale as soon as you finish reading this review.  The story of Mikkeller is a tale of two home brewers, Mikkel and Keller, from Copenhagen who began doing “physics experiments” …

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