Craft Beer and the Zion Curtain (Will Hammill, Uinta Brewing Co. Part 1)

Hey you all you hop heads and craft beer bros!  We have got a special treat for you, an interview with Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Co. at the brewery!


Uinta Brewing Co. began in 1993 in Salt Lake City with a small lineup of 4.0 percent ABV craft brewed beer.  However, currently Uinta is the biggest brewery in Utah featuring three distinct lines of beer:  Classic, Organic and Crooked.  The Brewery recently went through a much-needed and successful re-brand and was the first company to become 100 percent wind powered (now also solar powered) back in 2001.  I stumble upon Uinta beer in many places across the country including the American Craft Beer Festival in Boston as well as most recently at The Craft Beer Co. in London.


This is part one of our interview in which Ryan and I attempt to ask important questions and explore the brewery of course!


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