The Fifth Element with Jen Talley

Congratulations to Jen Talley on her move to Red Hook Brewing Co.!  Awhile back, Ryan and I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the lovely Jen Talley at the Squatter’s Brewpub in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Jen had been with the company for most of it’s entirety and was the brewmaster at the downtown brewpub.  As Squatter’s was one of the first craft breweries Ryan and I were introduced to, we thought it fitting to do a feature on the brewpub.  While there, we were able to try Jen’s farmhouse ale, Fifth Element, and were very impressed with it.  We are not the only ones though, the 2008 vintage of Fifth Element just took the Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival for “Belgian Style Lambic or Sour Ale.”  Grab yourself a bottle or three of Fifth Element if perchance you stumble upon some.


There’s more to come from our interview with Jen, but watch this video about Fifth Element.  Make sure you watch it in glorious HD.



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