Uinta Brewing Co. Part 2


It’s finally here!  Part 2 with Will Hamill from Uinta Brewing Co. in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In this part we tackle more details about brewing behind the Zion Curtain!  On a side note I was able to try Uinta’s new sour cherry ale “Birthday Suit” with Will at the brewery.  This limited release is Uinta’s newest addition to the Crook Line.  From the brewery website :

“In the beginning, cherry trees shaded the beer garden. Resisting temptation no longer, we picked the fruit and let it ferment into a pleasingly sour and subtly sweet ale to mark Uinta’s 19th Birthday. A sinful pleasure for the experienced and adventurous palate.”

Birthday suit pours with a clear rose hue and an aggressive surface of carbon dioxide escaping to freedom.  The nose is full of cherries, sweet fruit and a bit of that barnyard funk.  On the palate, Birthday Suit starts with a sharp acidity, subtle malts, and is refreshingly light and clean with a dry crisp finish.

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The beer was finished with a champagne yeast and although it comes in at only 5.7%, it makes a beautiful substitute for glass of bubbly.

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